French Noble Titles for Sale

French Flag.Some of most ancient noble and feudal titles in continental Europe come usually from France. We always can research for you through or books and archives an old Lordship or Barony with a proven historic existence and obtain it for you.

These titles are extremely old, many of them with an existence of 900-1200 years or more. Some date back to the times of Charlemagne, while others are more recent and were created in the times of Louis XIV in the XVII century. The youngest Lordships are on average three or four hundred years old, while the most ancient titles can be between 500-1200 years old.

These little slices of history are a delight for the collectors, historians and connoisseurs. These Lordships and Baronies were once held by Feudal Lords, Warriors, Bishops, Kings, Barons and Dukes while ruling some of the most important monarchs of Europe.

These titles are extremely scarce and a truly historic rarity. Some people search them and collect them with the passion of an antique dealer or a collector of rare coins. Many of these titles are testimonials of the history of Europe, and all of them possess the decadent flavour of the waning Middle Ages and the prestige of an ancient and better time.

These Lordships and Baronies are silent witnesses of a different age. To be able to appreciate properly one of these titles one must have a special sensitivity and knowledge of history.

The most special and rarest titles of our portfolio are the French-German noble and feudal titles, from the Rhineland region, in the north of France, just bordering the South of Germany.

A Barony or Lordship from Alsace or Lorraine is like a very rare gold coin that collectors fight for. In terms of prestige, they are very high. These titles are extremely old, date back to the middle ages, and were held by families of immense wealth and power, and their holders were warriors who fought for territory, land, honour, greed, power and Lordship in the medieval ages.

In addition, Alsace and Lorraine have been in different times French and German. This mix adds up to the quality, as many of these French Titles have German names and were held by families who were ennobled in both Germany and France.

These medieval Lords and Barons, speaking French and German, feeling French or German at their convenience or following the political turmoil, constantly in war in a frontier between two enemy countries, and constantly switching sides like ruthless businessmen or politicians are something rare, unique and very appreciated.

As you can see, our firm caters only for connoisseurs with an exquisite taste and a good eye for historical rarities. If you are interested in being the holder of one of these rare jewels, please contact us and we will be delighted to research and claim one of these scarce, exceptional and singular titles for you.

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