Hereditary French, German and Italian Noble Titles for Sale

Roussillon & Bouchard is a private institution. As part of our normal operations, we maintain a programme of continuous research into French, German and Italian Feudal History. In consequence, we quickly learn if a French, Italian or German noble title is to become available for disposition in these countries, and we are well qualified to assess both intrinsic historic value and the validity of a transfer. Therefore, we locate and research Feudal and Noble titles that may be acquired for our clients.

Roussillon & Bouchard has handled the transfer of Baronies and other Feudal and Noble Titles for many years, and have been operating continuously since 2006. Individuals wishing to acquire Ancient Baronies, Lordships and other Feudal and Noble Titles may have many reasons for doing so. These can range from those with French, German or Italian ancestral links who wish to cement their ties with a particular European region, to those who find them useful for social, charity or business purposes. Some clients find that a Barony might be a sound financial investment, as it might be sold later for a margin, but most just like the idea of being part of maintaining and helping preserve history. It must be said at this juncture that Roussillon & Bouchard has found their clients to be delighted with their new titles of Baron or Baroness.

Our fee for the research necessary to locate a Barony or other Feudal or Noble Title which meets our client’s specifications is of 299 €. The fee is refunded in full if we fail to present our client with the name of a title. If the client decides to go ahead and acquire the title through us, the research fee is always deducted from the final price.

French, German and Italian Noble and Feudal Titles may be included on the passports of most countries and ought to be included in all legal documents such as Debit and Credit Cards, Chequebooks, and Bank documents. We always produce solid documentation to support these changes. However, it is always good to check previously with your own government agency. If you were to acquire, for example, The Ancient Barony of Versailles (this is a name just for illustrative purposes), the style chosen would be either William Smith, Baron of Versailles or William Smith of Versailles, or simply The Baron of Versailles. The wife of the Baron of Versailles should be styled the Baroness of Versailles or the Lady of Versailles. All the Baronies are inheritable and transmissible to your heirs.

French, Italian and German Baronies sell well for 10000-15000 €. The titles of Baron are usually the most ancient in France, Italy and Germany.

We trust you will find the above of interest and we would be very pleased to hear from you and provide you with any further information you may require.

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